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Expert in Engineering Design, Procurement, Construction and Commisioning Services (EPCC)

Expert in TopSide Maintenance Services (TSM)

Expert in Plant and Equipment Operations and Maintenance Services (O&M)

Expert in Design and Packaging of Engineered Equipment

Expert in Hot Work Safety Enclosure (H.S.E.) Units

Providers of Proprietary Products and Services

Expert in Marine Chartering Services

Expert in Subsurface Engineering Services

Subsurface Engineering Services

Coral Alliance provides innovative field development and field refurbishment solutions to Malaysia through its alliance with technology partners and other strategic well intervention solution providers. Our capabilities include:

Sub-surface Engineering

  • Geological, geo-physical and petro-physical sciences
  • Applied Reservoir Engineering and applied research
  • Petroleum Engineering and integrated asset modeling


Well Testing and Well Intervention

  • Exploration and production well testing design and implementation
  • Basic to highly advanced well intervention operations
  • Full asset well maintenance management


Production Technology

  • Sanding prediction, prevention and control
  • Advanced artificial lift applications
  • Sub-surface development applications
  • Complex and advanced well design (horizontal, ERD, multi-lateral, ‘smart-well’


Well Construction (Drilling, Completion, Subsea and Testing)

  • Onshore, offshore shallow water, offshore deepwater well design
  • Life-of-well design philosophy
  • Ownership through concept design to well operations and commissioning
  • Integrated project management, including rig and related service contracting


By understanding the development requirements of a reservoir, we can integrate appropriate expertise with identified enabling technologies to deliver innovative solutions for:

Mature Field Refurbishment

  • Re-invigoration of declining assets
  • Optimisation of production – Artificial lift and EOR
  • Removing production choke points


Stranded Field Development

  • Appropriate application of innovative technology
  • Marry reservoir to wells to facilities (integrated approach)
  • Share risk with asset owners


Greenfield Development

  • Reduce development time through concurrent planning and applied experience
  • Life-of-asset approach to maximise reserves recovery
  • Secure engagement of technology partners in early stages