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Expert in Engineering Design, Procurement, Construction and Commisioning Services (EPCC)

Expert in TopSide Maintenance Services (TSM)

Expert in Plant and Equipment Operations and Maintenance Services (O&M)

Expert in Design and Packaging of Engineered Equipment

Expert in Hot Work Safety Enclosure (H.S.E.) Units

Providers of Proprietary Products and Services

Expert in Marine Chartering Services

Expert in Subsurface Engineering Services

Our Proprietary Products and Services

CORAL ALLIANCE, in partnership with Internationally established companies, hold the Exclusive Dealership in Malaysia for the following products and services:

  • CORROSERV® provides Systems and Services to solve Corrosion Problems for structural and pipeline maintenance and rehabilitation above and underwater.  Coatings, adhesives, wrappings, laminates and chemical aids are specifically developed for application where presence of moisture proves to be a hindrance in obtaining an ideal surface.
  • WIER-FLOWAY® Vertical Turbine Pumps Specialty Slurry Pumps are recognized worldwide for superior quality, top hydraulic performance and long service life.
  • IPD® offers a wide range of replacement and rebuilt components for Caterpillar® engines applications and has focused on helping equipment owners save money without risk to reliability.